4 or 5* hours
Price per Group
480 €
Group Price with Transfer *
600 €

Become a Cretan for a day !!!
Heraklion walking and tasting tour with your PrivateGuide.

Discover with us the secrets of Cretans longevity. Follow our 4 hours tour Tasting and Walking Tour.
Your PrivateGuide will guide you to Heraklion the capital and largest city of Crete. Visit, along with your expert Tour Guide, Heraklion’s major monuments; travel through time and its rich history. It is no hardship to eat like a Cretan. The people of Crete eat well. Crete’s economy is based on agriculture, not only tourism. With its rich plains and valleys covered with olive trees and vineyards added to the abundance of the surrounding sea, Crete has an enviable food culture.
The wine and olive oil are locally produced, traditionally processed and wonderful. The warm, sunny climate is perfect for growing delicious fruits and vegetables, and the Cretans also raise sheep and goats for dairy products and meat. Their cheese and yogurt are fantastic, and their desserts are usually sweetened by fresh honey. This is a place where the ordinary food is truly extraordinary. The food tour of Heraklion will let you taste…
1. Cretan breakfast: Mountain tea assorted with “kalitsounia” (traditional sweet pies with soft cheese filling) in a family coffee- house.
2. Tasting of organic extra virgin olive oil, considered to be the best in the world, and of different varieties of table olives.
3. Cretans occupy one of the highest places in cheese consumption in the world. The taste of goat-sheep cheese is unmatched. Gruyere, parmesan, soft cheese and naturally yogurt with honey.
4. A favorite snack of Crete – but also for the rest of Greece; Souvlaki with tzatziki sauce, together with Cretan wine, a symbol of Cretans’ sociability, which always drink with company.
5. A Cretan will always argue that the best fish is the fresh fish. On our way to the sea we get to taste fresh fish, as well as a surprise sea delicacy.
6. The symbol of Cretan hospitality is raki. At the end of a meal, Cretans always drink raki together with seasonable fruits and sweet preserves.

NOTE: The tour is executed with the assistance of your private professional guide. The customer uses its own vehicle. Meeting point Heraklion Venetian port. Children up to 12 years old is free. Children from 13-18 years old, the price is 49 euros. Please contact us, to send you a secure link to your total payment.

NOTE: (*) The price of transfer refer to Heraklion prefecture. The price does not include personal expenses.


During high season, please contact us, for availability.

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