3 or 7* hours
Price per Group
420 €
Group Price with Transfer *
600 €

During high season (April-October) , please contact us, for availability.

The Private Guided Chania or Hania tour with your PrivateGuide, an opportunity to explore the city of Chania with all your senses!
With your PrivateGuide will walk this beautiful city, the guided tour on foot of the City of Chaniá is about one hour. The city is set around a beautiful Port and has given us evidence of human residency as far back as 5.000BC! Here from Neolithic, to Minoan times, to traces of Alexander the Great, to Roman Era, Byzantine and Crusaders to Ottoman are visited.
Here one realizes what might have been just a hint earlier that Crete was the Crossroad of people and Civilizations. The Venetian Bastions, Covered Market, old Venetian Port, Ship Yards, Cathedrals, Churches, synagogue and Old Mosque, lovely shops and local tavernas!
A touch of Venice kissed by the Levantine.

NOTE: (*) The price of transfer refer to Heraklion prefecture. The price does not include personal expenses.


During high season (April-October) , please contact us, for availability.

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